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We at Face Full of Fun hold our customers' safety in high regard.

  • The paints we work with are FDA-compliant cosmetic-grade makeup products. We never use acrylic paint, poster paint, marking pens, or any other art-supply painting/drawing products that are not specifically designed for use on skin.
  • Our glitter products are cosmetic-grade and have been specially formulated to be used on skin. We do not use craft glitter, which often contains sharp edges, metallic particles, or even glass!
  • We only will paint those who are conscious and willing.
  • We do not paint on skin that has any type of open wounds, cuts, or injuries. We may, at our discretion, paint an alternate body part such as an arm or hand in such cases.
  • We do not paint on anyone who we believe to be ill with cold or flu. Though our paints do contain antibacterial ingredients, we feel that standing by this decision is prudent.

Please see our Links Page for more information regarding the products that we use.